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How To Filter Internal Traffic in Google Analytics

By |2019-09-21T10:58:45-03:30September 21st, 2019|Google Analytics|

Are you looking to make better marketing decisions with your Google Analytics? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I'm going to show you how to filter out internal traffic in Google Analytics so you can make better marketing decisions with your Google Analytics reports.  Why is it so important to remove and filter internal traffic from your Google Analytics? As a business owner and a marketer, first, let's review the purpose of Google Analytics. We want to understand our customer. We want to know who they are, what they're doing on our website, and how they're buying from us or why they are not buying from us. We want to understand the traffic patterns on our website. Where are our visitors coming from? What devices are they using? How long are they staying on our website? What pages are they visiting? We want to know [...]

How to Schedule Instagram Post on Desktop with Facebook Creator Studio

By |2019-09-21T11:09:15-03:30August 7th, 2019|Instagram|

Have you ever wished that you could schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time but didn’t want to spend money on expensive third-party programs? Well, now you’re in luck! Instagram has recently added the ability to schedule your posts from your desktop. No third-party programs required.  And completely free! In today’s post, we’re going to cover how to schedule your Instagram posts using Facebook’s Creator Studio.  For the longest time, scheduling our content on a desktop has always been a pain for social media managers. We've had to use third party accounts or make our postings from our phone, which is obviously not ideal. Recently, Facebook (which owns Instagram) has introduced the ability for us to actually schedule our posts natively using the Facebook Creator Studio. If you log into Facebook Creator Studio you will see your Facebook page and you will see your post and the results from [...]

Complete Calendar of August Hashtags

By |2020-02-10T23:16:56-03:30July 28th, 2019|Social Media Calendars|

The following are a number of popular August hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. August 1 Girl Friends Day #GirlFriendsDay Respect for Parents Day #RespectForParentsDay World Scout Scarf Day #ScoutScarfDay Yorkshire Day #YorkshireDay Raspberry Cream Pie Day #RaspberryCreamPieDay International Childfree Day #ChildfreeDay World Wide Web Day #WorldWideWebDay #WWWDay Rounds Resounding Day #RoundsResoundingDay India Pale Ale Day #IndiaPaleAleDay #IndiaDay Earth Overshoot Day #EarthOvershootDay World Lung Cancer Day #LungCancerDay August 2 International Beer Day #BeerDay Ice Cream Sandwich Day #IceCreamSandwichDay Coloring Book Day #ColoringBookDay August 3 Watermelon Day #WatermelonDay Mustard Day #MustardDay Clean Your Floors Day #CleanYourFloorsDay Sandcastle Day #SandcastleDay Disc Golf Day #DiscGolfDay #FrolfDay White Wine Day #WhiteWineDay August 4 Coast Guard Day #CoastGuardDay Sisters Day #SistersDay Friendship Day #FriendshipDay Mead Day #MeadDay Psychic Day #PsychicDay Assistance Dog Day #AssistanceDogDay Doll Day #DollDay [...]

My Heart Attack Story

By |2019-07-04T16:20:12-03:30July 4th, 2019|Uncategorized|

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my Heart Attack. Here’s my backstory with an update at the bottom of the post for those who haven’t seen this or need a reminder that life is short. 2 year ago today, I had a life-changing experience that changed the way I view and approach life. I had a heart attack at 39 years young. I just finished playing hockey, and I felt fine during the game, although a couple of the guys said I seemed off. I felt some pain in my chest, and some pain going down my arm, but I thought it could be arthritis or just physical strain from the exercise that would go away. After all, at my age, I didn’t even consider that I was having a heart attack. But when I got home that night the pain got worse, and around 1:30am I finally gave in [...]

Complete Calendar of July Hashtags

By |2019-06-26T22:24:52-03:30June 26th, 2019|Social Media Calendars|

The following are a number of popular July hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. July 1 NATIONAL POSTAL WORKERS DAY: National workers day is observed every July 1st. Postals are being sent through mails, and as such, it requires someone to deliver the mails. It is a day use to appreciate and thank the people who work tirelessly and consistently to ensure the safe delivery of our mail packages. Hashtag: #NationalPostalWorkerDay NATIONAL US POSTAGE STAMP DAY: National US postage day is celebrated every July 1. This day recognizes the ease and simplicity with which we can send and receive mail. Hashtag: #USPostageStampDay July 3 NATIONAL EAT YOUR BEANS DAY: National eat your beans day is celebrated every July 3. Beans help in the provision of protein. This day [...]

Complete Calendar of June Hashtags

By |2019-05-25T09:47:39-03:30May 25th, 2019|Social Media Calendars|

The following are a number of popular June hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. JUNE 1 NATIONAL SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY: National say something nice day is observed every June 1. It is a day ascribed to complement nicely about things. The purpose of this holiday is to counteract bullying and the lack of civility and common courtesy that is growing among people in today’s world. Hashtag: #SaySomethingNiceDay June 2 NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVOR'S DAY: National cancer survivor's day is celebrated every June 2. It is an event to create awareness on cancer. The National Cancer Survivors Day is a secular holiday celebrated on June 2nd which is meant to “demonstrate that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality.” Hashtag: #CancerSurvivorsDay June 3 NATIONAL REPEAT DAY: National [...]

How to Plan Instagram Content: Tips for Captions, Grids, Stories, & Scheduling

By |2020-02-09T10:45:48-03:30May 11th, 2019|Instagram|

The key to building a high-conversion Instagram account is planning. Success does not happen by accident. In this post, I'm going to show you how to plan Instagram content to achieve maximum success and drive your business forward. There are two types of Instagram accounts. Those that convert, and everything else. If you are serious about using Instagram for your business, then you already know which one of these you need to focus on!   Be consistent. This is true of any social media. Your followers might love your posts, but if they don’t hear from you on a regular basis, they are liable to get bored and move on. There is no magical number of posts per day/week/month. The key is to be consistent with your content, so your followers know when to expect more of it.   Schedule ahead. Create a social content calendar and work on your [...]

Complete Calendar of May Hashtags for Social Media Planning

By |2020-02-10T23:43:35-03:30April 20th, 2019|Social Media Calendars|

The following are a number of popular May hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. May 1 Hashtags LAW DAY: On May 1 the United States officially recognizes Law Day. It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society. A day set aside to celebrate the rule of law. Hashtag - #Lawday MAY DAY: This is celebrated every May 1. It is used to celebrate all workers as it is generally referred to as workers day. Hashtag - #mayday May 2 Hashtags NATIONAL DAY OF REASON: The national day of reason is observed every May 2. This is a day set out for the celebration of the humanists, atheists, and freethinkers. A day set aside [...]

Your Complete Guide to Google Analytics UTM Tracking

By |2019-04-26T12:47:56-03:30April 19th, 2019|Google Analytics|

In this guide to Google Analytics UTM Tracking, you will learn what UTM codes are, how to use them for marketing, and how to build them in Google Analytics. If you’ve been following our series on Google Analytics, then you already know that Google provides an enormous amount of data that you can use to measure your website’s performance and help improve your online marketing decisions. By default, Google will differentiate traffic to your website by different social networks and referring sites. This means that you can quickly see how much of your incoming web traffic is being delivered from Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. But what if you wanted to be more granular? What if you wanted to run a marketing campaign for your site? If you launched a new Facebook campaign you might see an increase in Facebook-sourced traffic on your Google Analytics reports, but how would you [...]

How to Remove FBCLID From Google Analytics

By |2019-06-28T21:31:21-03:30March 26th, 2019|Google Analytics, Web Analytics|

Have you noticed ?fbclid in your Google Analytics reports recently? Does it look like this? Here's how you can remove fbclid from your Google Analytics to get your Google Analytics reports looking nice an clean again.   What is FBCLID? FBCLID is a parameter that Facebook placed on outbound links shared on Facebook. Basically, if your website has been shared on Facebook by you or someone else you can track this activity on your Google Analytics. Unfortunately for all of us analytics geeks, it's made our reports very messy.   How to Remove FBCLID from Google Analytics Luckily there's an easy way to remove this from your analytilcs to clean up your data again. Unfortnutatly this fix will only help you with your data after you implement this. Here are the easy steps to fix this. Step 1 Go to your View Settings under your Google Analytics View as per below.` Step 2 [...]

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