Important September Hashtags for Social Media Managers

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The following are a number of popular September hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. With these hashtags, you can put the brand you are representing out there thereby getting more exposure. You can ride on the waves of viral and trending topics to boost your brand's following and thereby gain more clients and customers. Key Hashtags for September 2019 September 1 - Pet Rock Day - #PetRockDay September 2 -  (#LaborDay): you as a social media manager can utilize this to your benefit by posting labor-centered content. Join the rest of the world in wishing men and women out there working to sustain themselves (and their families) a happy Labor Day. National Blueberry Popsicle Day - #BlueberryPopsicleDay September 3 - Skyscraper Day - #SkyScraperDay September 4 (#NationalWildlifeDay): this [...]

How To Use Your Facebook Profile with Custom List

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Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of posts by my Facebook friends that were not of interest or of relevance to me. Have you ever seen somebody start their status update with “Attention, high school friends!” or a variation thereof? This can be annoying to anybody who is not a part of your target audience – and it’s totally avoidable! Today on Payne’s Brain, I will be sharing with you a tip to avoid annoying your Facebook friends and, instead, target specific groups of people. Did you know that Facebook has a feature called “lists”? You can find Facebook lists in the left hand column located on the home/newsfeed page – it is under the heading “Explore,” and is entitled “Friend Lists.” When you click on “Friend Lists,” you will be brought to a page with automatically compiled lists of people from similar backgrounds. My Facebook compiled lists including my close [...]

How to Attract Customers To Your Business On Facebook

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Whether you’re just getting started or if you’ve had a business Facebook Page for a while, it can be a murky, confusing place to try to find customers and generate sales. But all is not lost. I’ll show you some of the steps to take to define your goals, grow your audience, and ultimately your business. Prioritize Your Business Objectives If your business is on Facebook, it’s there for a reason. Ultimately, your goal is to increase business; however your specific strategy will depend on the nature of your business. Do you want to build awareness of your brand? Are you launching a new product? Driving traffic to a physical store? Looking to drive online sales? Before you jump into creating or overhauling your Facebook strategy, nail down which outcome will be most beneficial and keep that in focus throughout your planning. The rest of this article will be most [...]