How To Filter Internal Traffic in Google Analytics

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Are you looking to make better marketing decisions with your Google Analytics? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I'm going to show you how to filter out internal traffic in Google Analytics so you can make better marketing decisions with your Google Analytics reports.  Why is it so important to remove and filter internal traffic from your Google Analytics? As a business owner and a marketer, first, let's review the purpose of Google Analytics. We want to understand our customer. We want to know who they are, what they're doing on our website, and how they're buying from us or why they are not buying from us. We want to understand the traffic patterns on our website. Where are our visitors coming from? What devices are they using? How long are they staying on our website? What pages are they visiting? We want to know [...]

Your Complete Guide to Google Analytics UTM Tracking

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In this guide to Google Analytics UTM Tracking, you will learn what UTM codes are, how to use them for marketing, and how to build them in Google Analytics. If you’ve been following our series on Google Analytics, then you already know that Google provides an enormous amount of data that you can use to measure your website’s performance and help improve your online marketing decisions. By default, Google will differentiate traffic to your website by different social networks and referring sites. This means that you can quickly see how much of your incoming web traffic is being delivered from Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. But what if you wanted to be more granular? What if you wanted to run a marketing campaign for your site? If you launched a new Facebook campaign you might see an increase in Facebook-sourced traffic on your Google Analytics reports, but how would you [...]

How to Remove FBCLID From Google Analytics

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Have you noticed ?fbclid in your Google Analytics reports recently? Does it look like this? Here's how you can remove fbclid from your Google Analytics to get your Google Analytics reports looking nice an clean again.   What is FBCLID? FBCLID is a parameter that Facebook placed on outbound links shared on Facebook. Basically, if your website has been shared on Facebook by you or someone else you can track this activity on your Google Analytics. Unfortunately for all of us analytics geeks, it's made our reports very messy.   How to Remove FBCLID from Google Analytics Luckily there's an easy way to remove this from your analytilcs to clean up your data again. Unfortnutatly this fix will only help you with your data after you implement this. Here are the easy steps to fix this. Step 1 Go to your View Settings under your Google Analytics View as per below.` Step 2 [...]

Essential Google Analytics Reports for Marketers

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In this article, I've identified some essential Google Analytics reports that every marketer should know. You know that your website is important. You've done your research. You've targeted your keywords. And when you were confident that it couldn't be any more perfect, you unleashed your small business site to your eagerly-awaiting customers. Now what? Do you sit back, relax, and wait for customers to start flocking to your business? Oh no! You're just getting started. It's time to start tracking your site's performance, to see what's working, and what's not. It's time to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a freemium service that you set up using your Google account. That means it's completely free to use, although they do offer some more in-depth options for the truly data-orientated among us. But for most small businesses the standard (free) Google Analytics is more than enough. It's worth mentioning that even [...]

Important February Hashtags for Social Media Managers

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The following are a number of popular February hashtags. They had been put together to make the work of a social media manager easy to fill their social media calendar for your business or your clients. February 1 NATIONAL GET UP DAY This is a day of motivation and encouragement,  to get up wherever and whenever we have been put down by setbacks or failures. Hashtag: #GetUp NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY This day is celebrated on every first Friday of February, and it is a day to raise awareness for heart conditions especially amongst women. Conditions like heart failure,  high blood pressure are well preventable. Hashtag: #GoRedWearRed  #GoRedGetFit NATIONAL FREEDOM DAY America is a load of liberty. And this day is to celebrate that. It is a day to celebrate freedom out of slavery too. Hashtag: #NationalFreedomDay   February 2 GROUNDHOG DAY This tradition is observed in both Canada and [...]

Why Use Google Analytics for Business Insights

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  You know that your business requires an online presence. You’ve hired a designer to create the perfect website for your customers. Now what? Are your customers actually coming to your website? More importantly, what are they doing when they get there? Are they spending time looking around? Are they abandoning your site before completing a purchase or signing up for your newsletter? Who are these web visitors anyway? How can you find out exactly what is happening on your website? The answer is Google Analytics, Google’s free website analytic tracking service that provides you in-depth insight into who your website visitors are, how they are getting to your site, and what actions they perform while they are there. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why your business should be using Google Analytics to answer these important questions. 1. Where do your visitors [...]