How To Choose Your Website Domain Name

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You’ve thought long and hard to create your business or blog name. Now you need a domain name. Maybe, you're starting a new company, a new brand, a new blog or have an existing brand you're trying to take online? Either way, you're going to need a website. These tips will keep you on how to choose the best website domain name for your business. There are a few things that can trip you up when choosing your domain name if you’re not careful. It’s your calling card on the internet. You want one that reflects your business but is also easy to share and promote online. The goal is something brandable, short, and unique. With millions of websites vying for your attention and thousands of new sites coming online each year, finding that perfect domain name for your business can be a challenge. But it can be done! What is [...]

4 Must Haves for Generating Website Traffic, Leads & Sales

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If you have a business, you know you need a website. It needs to be more than a brochure. It needs to be a tool that will help drive leads and sales for you. You want your website to work just as hard for your business as you do. Is your current website hitting it out of the park in these four key areas? Searchability A great website isn’t so great if no one can find it online. Search is the top of your sales funnel and you can’t convert those potential leads if your site is languishing in obscurity on page two of search results. You know what they say about the second page of search results - it’s a great place to hide a body since no one ever goes there. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute must-have to any website strategy, but it takes hard work [...]

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Next Website Redesign

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Mistakes are a part of life. It’s a fact. Like that time I got dressed in the dark and went to work with one blue sock and one black sock. Yep, mistake. They happen, but they don’t need to be a part of your website redesign experience. Especially SEO mistakes. Website redesigns are about more than just making it look good. Sure, having a fast, responsive site that’s rocking the latest trends is great. But you know what matters more? Providing the right information to your visitor where and when they want it. You can’t do that if they can’t find you. The decision to re-evaluate and ultimately redesign your website is not a trivial one. There are a lot of aspects to consider and sometimes things can be overlooked. It’s easy to spot when the wrong colour is used, there’s a typo in a headline, or a function doesn’t [...]