A Bit About Me

I  guide business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams in improving their digital marketing efforts by providing digital marketing coaching and training programs to help their business compete in the age of digital marketing.

Prior to starting Newfound Marketing, I was the Digital Marketing Director for M5 Communications and have spent time in Montreal (Biztree) and London (Zenith Optimedia) where I planned and delivered sound Digital Marketing strategies to Fortune 100 clients Hewlett Packard and Chevrolet Europe as part of their overall search marketing strategy.


I firmly believe that’s it’s very important to have hobbies outside of your career. For me, this includes playing hockey 3 times a week, reading books marketing, self-improvement and leadership. Over the last 15 years, I’ve also fallen in love with Running. While I don’t focus on races and marathons, I do set a goal to run 1000 km each year.

Favourite Sports Teams

I have been around sports my entire life and have met so many great people through sport. I am also an avid sports fan and love teams that have the letter C in their game. My favourite sports teams include the Vancouver Canucks, Indianapolis Colts and Chelsea FC.

Favourite Books

What’s the book that’s helped you the most in your business?
This is mine. Each of these has changed the way we do business Newfound Marketing

📚Build a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
📚This is Marketing by Seth Godin
📚Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

My Life-Changing Event

On July 4th, 2017, I had a life-changing experience that changed the way I view & approach life. I had a heart attack at 39 years young. You can read more about this story here – My Heart Attack Story

My Thoughts on the Responsibilities That Come with Being an Entrepreneur

I wanted to share a few thoughts for those who want to start the entrepreneurial journey or are going through the entrepreneurial journey.

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