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Struggling with Digital Marketing?
As your digital marketing coach, I’ll work one on one with you to develop strategies to help you achieve your business goals

Are you feeling like you’re in a constant battle with Digital Marketing, struggling to see the returns you envisioned?

You’re not alone in this struggle, but it doesn’t have to be your story. My name is Sheldon Payne, a dedicated digital marketing coach with over 19 years of experience in the industry, but our focus here is you – the cornerstone of your business. You are the entrepreneurial spirit, the marketing maestro, tirelessly driving your brand toward its potential. Your goal should be business growth, not deciphering the maze of SEO, Paid Search, Website Analytics, or the ever-changing Social Media landscape.

This is where my role as a Digital Marketing Coach comes into play. Instead of attempting to master all aspects of marketing on your own, you’ll receive bespoke guidance, strategy development, and a supportive community to aid you in reaching your business objectives.

Let’s rewrite your marketing journey together, turning your marketing obstacles into opportunities, and crowning you as the champion of your business narrative. Let me help you chart your course through the digital marketing wilderness, and allow you to become the hero of your own business success story.

What is the purpose of a Digital Marketing Coach?

Let’s say you have the budget. You could bring on a marketing maestro to take care of it all: ads, PPC, SEO, emails, social media, and more. This can be a fantastic solution if your business is scaling at lightning speed and you’re struggling to keep pace. But the barrier many encounters is the high cost. Many business owners dream of such comprehensive support, but their financial realities hinder them. If this is your predicament, you might feel caught in a tough spot. However, there’s an alternative: a digital marketing coach. A guide who empowers you to take the reins, rather than doing everything for you. A mentor who can lead you on the path to digital marketing mastery.

When you decide to enlist a specialist to bolster your digital marketing efforts, you’re not just gaining a consultant. You’re gaining a personal advocate who comprehends your email marketing campaigns, can amplify your SEO, and beyond. And if you’re having trouble determining what content is beneficial for your enterprise, a digital marketing coach can assist in pinpointing the social media engagement, posts, articles, and blogs that will attract likes, boost traffic to your site, and ultimately, increase sales.

How Does Digital Marketing Coaching Help Propel Your Business?

Imagine a digital marketing coaching program designed to equip you with the necessary tools to turn the tides of online marketing in your favour. It’s a platform for you to hone your marketing skills and enhance your strategy. In a coaching program like mine, it’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about journeying with you.

In my program, I, Sheldon Payne, along with my team of experts, don’t just provide directions – we join you on the journey. We walk with you, step-by-step, guiding you as you navigate the complexities of digital marketing and growing your business. We are not just coaches, but your partners, and together, we forge a path towards your business success, turning challenges into triumphs, and making you the hero of your own business story.

Who Should Get My Digital Marketing Coaching?

I cater to marketers and business owners who are familiar with the mechanics of digital marketing but aren’t achieving the results necessary to propel their businesses forward.

My coaching services typically resonate with those in one of three categories:

The Budding Business Owner

You’re in the early stages of your business journey and you’ve heard that digital marketing can be a catalyst for growth. You’ve engaged with online courses and tutorials, but the desired results remain elusive or your budget is depleting faster than anticipated.

The Marketing Manager

You’re in a managerial role in marketing, comfortable with traditional marketing strategies but find yourself grappling with the digital aspect. You understand its importance in today’s world but are struggling to generate the results your organization expects from you.

In-house Marketing Teams

You’ve assembled a marketing team to lead your business’s digital marketing efforts. You acknowledge the significance of digital marketing for growth, but are unsure about how to start effectively. I work with marketing teams to shape their paid media campaign strategy. I coach your team on how to maximize resources, both in terms of time and money, to drive your business forward.

In all these cases, I, Sheldon Payne, act as your guide, helping you navigate the convoluted world of digital marketing. Together, we’ll convert your marketing challenges into opportunities for growth, positioning you as the hero in your own business success story.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Coach – Sheldon Payne

I am a seasoned Digital Marketing Coach with over 19 years of experience in the industry. Having started my own digital marketing agency, Newfound Marketing, in 2012, I have been providing small, medium, and Fortune 100 companies with forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns.

Prior to starting my own digital marketing agency in 2012 called Newfound Marketing, I was the Digital Marketing Director for M5 Communications (Ad Agency). Over the course of my career, I have spent time in Montreal (Software Company) and London (Ad Agency) where I’ve planned and delivered sound Digital Marketing strategies to Fortune 100 clients. This included Hewlett Packard and Chevrolet Europe as part of their overall search marketing strategy while working with Zenith Optimedia (Part of Publicis Media).

How Does My Digital Marketing Coaching Work?

Our partnership starts with a 30-minute discovery call via Zoom. This initial meeting, whether it’s just with you or your whole team, will focus on understanding your current challenges. The insights gained from this discussion will then shape our action plan, targeting any of the following areas to enhance your results:

Backed by years of experience in the digital marketing industry, I bring to the table a wealth of effective strategies and insights. You’ll receive extensive training and support in key areas, such as:

  • Search Engine Marketing Coaching
  • Search Engine Optimization Coaching
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Facebook Advertising Coaching
  • Social Media Marketing Coaching
  • Google Ads Coaching
  • Google Analytics Training

My objectives as your coach are to help you:

Deepen your understanding and optimize your digital marketing efforts: Acquire a thorough understanding of how digital marketing works, covering areas like Lead Generation, Paid Media (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) SEO, analytics, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. Learn how to scrutinize and enhance your campaigns for improved performance and return on investment.

Address hurdles in your digital marketing strategy: Identify the obstacles and challenges you’re currently facing in your digital marketing efforts, such as low engagement rates, high bounce rates, or poor conversion. Together, we’ll craft strategies to tackle these issues and enhance your campaign performance.

Capitalize on your strengths and boost your digital marketing expertise: Build upon your existing knowledge and skills in marketing, and elevate your proficiency in specific areas of digital marketing that may be perplexing. This could include areas like website analytics, social media engagement, or advanced SEO tactics.

Achieve your digital marketing goals and objectives: Set distinct, measurable goals for your digital marketing efforts, such as boosting website traffic, increasing lead generation, or reducing customer acquisition costs. You’ll learn how to effectively track and measure your progress towards these goals, and adjust your strategies as needed to ensure you’re on the path to achieving them.

My digital marketing coaching services are designed to transform you into the hero of your own business story. By demystifying digital marketing, you’ll be equipped to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and drive your business forward. Together, we can turn your digital marketing efforts from a challenge into a key strength of your business.


Through my Digital Marketing Coaching, you’ll have access to comprehensive resources and ongoing support, all aimed at maximizing your success. Here’s what you can anticipate as part of this personalized service:

Customized Digital Marketing Coaching Plan: Receive a coaching plan that’s specifically tailored to align with your unique needs and objectives. This plan will include detailed steps, strategies, and actionable measures designed to enhance your digital marketing performance and drive success.

Success Roadmap: I’ll provide a comprehensive roadmap outlining your journey from your current state to your desired outcome. This roadmap will guide you through the process of implementing and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns, highlighting key milestones and checkpoints along the way.

Performance Benchmarks: Together, we’ll establish clear, relevant benchmarks that align with your business and marketing goals. These benchmarks will serve as your performance indicators, enabling you to track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Ongoing Support: As part of the coaching program, you’ll benefit from ongoing support throughout your journey. This includes regular check-ins to assess your progress, address any challenges you’re facing, and adjust strategies as necessary to ensure continuous improvement and growth in your digital marketing performance.

My Digital Marketing Coaching service is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Together, we’ll transform your digital marketing campaigns from cost centers into profit engines, making you the hero in your business story.

What Others Are Saying

I recently attended a Gooogle Analytics seminar at Newfound Marketing and it was a great refresher, including information on new features available within analytics. Sheldon was also knowledgeable about other digital marketing tactics. Highly recommend!

When Sheldon and I started working together, I literally had no idea how to attract sales or how to generate business leads. I didn’t even know I should have been worrying about it! Since working with Sheldon in 2018 my company grew its gross revenue 100%! And our market reach is incredible! If you are new at business or need to refocus your business goals, I very highly recommend working with Sheldon and Newfound Marketing.

June Tavenor, RN, Catalyst Health Solutions
Sheldon Payne Digital Marketing Coach
Sheldon. Payne

Digital Marketing Consultant

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“When Sheldon and I started working together, I literally had no idea how to attract sales or how to generate business leads. I didn’t even know I should have been worrying about it! Since working with Sheldon in 2018 my company grew its gross revenue 100%! And our market reach is incredible!”

June Tavenor

CEO – Catalyst Health Solutions Inc

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As your digital marketing coach, I work one on one with prospective and current clients to develop strategies to maximize results while staying within any given budget.

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“I had been managing our online media buy for three years and needed outside help as our marketing needs to be expanded. Working with Sheldon was easy. We spoke the same language. I know from direct experience the level of effort and complexity required to develop and execute a clever online campaign. I know I can trust Sheldon to understand my strategy, offer sage advice and connect with me regularly on adjusting the course, making decisions in a smooth-operating partnership.”

Jeff Hulan

Memorial University

Sheldon Payne Digital Marketing Coach
Sheldon Payne
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