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Google Ads Coach

Are you looking to get more from your Google Ads Account? I provide 1-on-1 Google Ads Coaching so you can convert more and improve your bottom line.

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Who Should Get My Google Ads Coaching?

I coach marketers and business owners who know the mechanics of the Google Ads platform but are not getting the results they need to move their business forward.

My typical coaching client will fall into one of 3 categories:

The New Business Owner

You have are just getting started with your business and you have recommended using Google Ads to grow your business. You have taken an online course or watched tutorials but are still not getting the results or spending too much money.

The New Marketer

You are just starting your career in marketing and you have to wear many hats with your current role. You have tried to learn Google Ads but have not had the results your boss is expecting to get from the work you are doing.

In House Marketing Teams

You have hired a marketing team to drive digital marketing results for your business. You know it’s important to use Google Ads to grow but not sure where to start. I work with Marketing teams to develop their paid media campaign strategy. I coach the team to save money and time to get the results of the business forward.

Meet Your  Coach – Sheldon Payne

A Certified Google Ads Professional, I have been providing Small, Medium and Fortune 100 companies with forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns for over 19 years.

Prior to starting my own digital marketing agency in 2012 Newfound Marketing, I was the Digital Marketing Director for M5 Communications. I have spent time in Montreal and London where I’ve planned and delivered sound Digital Marketing strategies to Fortune 100 clients. This included Hewlett Packard and Chevrolet Europe as part of their overall search marketing strategy while working with Zenith Optimedia (Part of Publicis Media).

Google Ads Coach - Sheldon Payne

Today, new customer acquisition is one of the greatest challenges for digital businesses. Fortunately, Google Ads can be an excellent tool for growing your business. But to do this, it helps to understand how to run a cost-effective Google Ads marketing campaign with a strong ROI.

My personalized private Google Adwords coaching assists you or your team in laying the groundwork for a successful campaign. If you are just getting started with Google Ads, this is the coaching for you!

You will leave with a better understanding of how the Google Ads system works, how campaigns should be structured, and finally, how keyword lists and ads are developed.

How Does My Google Ads Coaching Work?

My coaching will start with a discovery call via Zoom. During our call, I will meet with you and your team to discuss your current challenges. Based on the outcome of this will we will set a plan in place to work on any of the following areas to improve your current results.

  • Campaign Set-Up
  • Campaign Structure
  • Keyword Research
  • Location targeting
  • Navigating through the Google Ads user interface
  • Developing quality keyword lists
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Writing compelling ad copy
  • Developing ad variations
  • The understanding campaign, ad group and keyword statistics
  • Tracking performance

My objectives as your coach are to help you:

  • Understand and optimize your marketing and communications
  • Understand and address challenges with your marketing plans
  • Build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty
  • Achieve your goals and objectives


  • A custom paid ads coaching plan with measurable actions and a map for success
  • Benchmarks for business as they relate to your marketing goals and objectives

“When Sheldon and I started working together, I literally had no idea how to attract sales or how to generate business leads. I didn’t even know I should have been worrying about it! Since working with Sheldon in 2018 my company grew its gross revenue 100%! And our market reach is incredible!”

June Tavenor

CEO – Catalyst Health Solutions Inc

Are You Ready To Say Hello to More Sales?

To schedule your  “Getting to Know You” consultation, complete the form so we can schedule a meeting via telephone or video conference. Why wait? Learn how my Digital Marketing Coaching can grow your business.

“I had been managing our online media buy for three years and needed outside help as our marketing needs to be expanded. Working with Sheldon was easy. We spoke the same language. I know from direct experience the level of effort and complexity required to develop and execute a clever online campaign. I know I can trust Sheldon to understand my strategy, offer sage advice and connect with me regularly on adjusting the course, making decisions in a smooth-operating partnership.”

Jeff Hulan

Memorial University

Sheldon Payne Digital Marketing Coach
Sheldon Payne
Digital Marketing Consultant

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