If you are looking help your Brand and your SEO at the same time, here’s a 10 minute a day strategy that can yield some big rewards if done correctly. I’m talking about Blog Comments.

When done correctly, blog comments can have the following benefits for your seo:

Benefits of Blog Commenting

✅ More website traffic As with any strategy you decide to implement for your website, commenting on blogs for seo can provide you with a lot of new website visitors. That said, you also want to make sure you are attracting quality traffic so I would highly recommend that you focus your blog comments on your niche or your industry. For example, if you are selling cars, try to comment on sites related to automotive and not recipes websites or travel websites.

✅ It builds your reputation and personal brand If you are like me, you are probably active on social media and regularly commenting on social networks, so why not do the same with blog comments. Just as you are building your personal brand on social media, you can extend this to commenting on blogs as well. If you decide to use this approach try to make sure you use your real name and the same profile image you use across your social networks so people can recognize you. Tools like Disqus will be helpful for this as they will use your name from your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Over time, people will not only see your comments on social media but they will also see that you take the time to comment on blogs in the niche as well. This will illustrate to others that you are a valuable member of the community and position yourself as more of an expert in your field.

✅ It builds inbound links Here’s how you can get started: Find several high-quality websites, ideally, sites that are already in your niche and target audience. Find an article where you can add value Keep your comment in the 100 wordmarks. If you do this on 3 blog post per day, this will give you over 1000 backlinks per year as part of your link building strategy.

BONUS TIP: Categorize and keep comments in a note tool like Evernote. Once you have 10 valuable comments, you can then sum them up as a potential blog post or video.

Common Mistakes When Blog Commenting

????Not using a full name in your comments

????Using a fake or inactive email address

????Leaving comments on non-industry blogs

????Writing comments that are not relevant to the topic

????Writing a spammy comment

Best Practices for Blog Commenting

As mentioned earlier, when done correctly, commenting on blogs for seo can have a number of benefits for your seo as well as your personal brand. Here are a couple of best practices to keep in mind if you decide to use this strategy

✅Use Your Full Name when commenting

✅Stay within your niche

✅Read The Article Before You Comment

✅Add a comment that adds value to the blog post


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