Facebook Advertising

If you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic and conversions, Facebook advertising is one of the best solutions. Advertising on Facebook allows you to see growth in a predictable and measurable fashion.

By advertising on Facebook, my social media advertising services can help grow your business and overall brand image. I can help deliver real results, whether that’s more clicks to the website, increased brand awareness or higher conversion rates, I can help!

My Facebook Advertising Process


First and foremost, I will need to understand and discover more about you. We get together and discuss your overall advertising goals and if applicable, any previous campaigns to discover what has worked and what has not.


I will then formalize an in-depth strategy to improve your company’s Facebook presence and outline how I will achieve your goals moving forward.


The third step in our process to develop your Facebook Ads. My copywriter will craft the right headline and description that will appear on your Facebook Ads to ensure they drive traffic and generate conversions.


My graphic design team can also create high-quality, attention grabbing images and videos to use for your Facebook Ads. Once I have the ads created, I will send them back to you for approval and make any changes if necessary.


Once we launch the Facebook Ads we will begin to monitor and optimize these ads if necessary. Our Digital Marketing Specialists will analyze your ads performance and overall data to improve the overall performance during the campaign duration. This may include, budget optimization to display the top performing ad more frequently, updating the ad copy to ensure frequency stays relatively low and updating creative to ensure it continues to catch potential customers attention.


At the end of each month, our Digital Marketing Specialists will provide a comprehensive report to you which will display the overall results of your Facebook campaign. We will explain in detail the most valuable metrics based on your overall goal. This may include the total number of people who saw the Facebook ad, the total number of clicks on the Facebook ad, total number of people who converted through the Facebook ad, the cost-per-click, the cost-per-conversion and much more.

Why Choose Me for Facebook Advertising


I have over 10 years of experience with Facebook Advertising Services. I receive ongoing training and education to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest trends and services that are available for our clients.

Content Creation

We have a full-time graphic design team that can produce high-quality graphics and videos with proper lighting, sound and recording devices to ensure that customers will stay engaged with your content.

Goal Oriented

Our initial meeting is to get an idea of your goals and objectives. Then I will develop a strategy in order to achieve them. Along the way I will take time to examine and analyze important metrics to ensure we are on track to exceed your goals. I strive to be great not just good enough.


I don’t work for you as much as we work with you. I want you to feel as if we are part of your team rather than an outside digital marketing consultant. I can meet to discuss your strategy anytime and place that will fit your needs.

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