What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush offers powerful services to small to mid-sized businesses looking to take their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to the next level.

On its surface, SEMrush serves as a feature-rich SEO search engine. This allows for businesses to search for keywords, monitor trends, and ultimately upgrade their SEO strategy. A powerful tool to help grow one’s business, SEMrush offers one of the best search engine marketing (SEM) services in the industry.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at just how you can harness SEMrush’s functionality to start growing your business. From SEO to PPC, SEMrush gives businesses the tools they need to effectively handle a variety of different online marketing strategies.

Before we do that, however, let’s take a moment to look at what you need to get out of an SEM tool. Then, we’ll show you just how SEMrush meets all the standards you should look for in a high-powered SEM tool.

I’ve put SEMrush to the test so that you don’t have to. Find out everything you need to know about this quality service below—and see if it’s time to make an investment.

What You Should Look for in an SEM Tool

We’ll be honest: SEM tools can require significant investments. That’s why you need to make sure that the service you’re getting is worth the monthly premium you’ll be paying.

Unfortunately, many SEM tools don’t have enough power behind them to really justify their costs. (We won’t name names, but if you’ve ever experimented with SEM tools, you know exactly what we mean!)

If you’re in search of an SEM tool, you need one that works for you. We’ve put together four of the most important features you should look for when selecting an SEM tool.

  • Reliability

Your tool will be worth nothing if it’s not reliable. Make reliability your first and foremost consideration if you truly wish to see real results from your SEM tool.

So what does reliability mean when it comes to SEM tools? Up-to-date information.

There’s nothing that can hurt your SEM campaign like having information that’s too old. If you can’t count on your SEM tool to provide you with accurate information, there’s certainly no point in buying it every month.

Picture this: you need to add a new post to your company’s growing new blog. To do so, you fire up your handy SEM tool and start searching for trending keywords. After a few hours of writing and two weeks later, you find that your new post isn’t performing as it should.


Because your SEM tool provided dated keywords. Sure—you can’t say that your post totally failed. But did your tool really provide you with the information you needed to grow your online presence?

Not in the slightest.

And unfortunately, if you invest in the wrong SEM tool, you may find yourself in a similar situation. By choosing a more reliable product, you can help preclude a lackluster performance in favor of more sustained growth.

  • Economical

As we will see, having an economical option doesn’t depend on price alone—though that certainly is a large component.

With some SEM tools charging over $100 and even $200 a month, it’s important to find the most economical option for your company. This includes finding one that won’t break your budget—and one that truly lives up to its cost.

In our opinion, small to mid-sized businesses shouldn’t have to spend any more than $100 to get basic SEM services—and even that might be a bit much. Though this will certainly depend on your company’s budget, keep in mind that more expensive services aren’t always better.

Instead, make sure that you have the features and the functionality to really balance out what you’re paying. Also, make sure that you’re not just looking at your tool as an expenditure.

Ideally, an SEM tool should start growing your business and your bottom dollar. If it’s not, or if the growth is slow, you may be losing tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue. For some companies, getting minimal results may be enough to justify losing a few hundred dollars every month, so make sure to think with a little perspective. Does any tool’s mediocre performance really justify losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year?

We certainly don’t think so. That’s why we believe in sticking with SEM tools that can deliver on promises to expand company growth. And, as we’ll explain later, SEMrush can do just that.


  • Feature-Rich with High Functionality

Part of what makes a good SEM tool economical is having many features. The more features the program offers, the higher its functionality tends to be.

Feature-rich SEM tools provide you with a wealth of information that can help grow your online marketing campaign.

We’ll take a detailed look at the vast number of high-powered features offered by SEMrush below, but first let’s look at the final consideration you should make when choosing an SEM tool.

  • User-Friendly

Part of a service’s functionality comes from how user-friendly it is. In other words, it’s important that users know how to operate their tools and analyze the information provided in order to really get their money’s worth.

SEM tools with complicated interfaces pose significant challenges to those working in small to mid-sized businesses. Trust us: you don’t want to invest in a tool that requires a professional to read.

Instead, make sure that you’re using an SEM tool that can provide information to just about any user in a clear manner. This will allow for better results across the board and help grow your marketing strategy.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how SEMrush meets and even exceeds the standards of quality SEM tools.

How Does SEMrush Fit the Bill?

  • Reliability

SEMrush’s powerful keyword searches include over two million keywords that can be searched and analyzed by category.

How’s that for reliability?

Even better, we found that not only were the keywords provided accurate, but SEMrush made it incredibly easy to access them.

Because the keywords are sorted by category, we had no trouble in choosing the ones that best-suited our needs.

This high-powered functionality makes SEMrush one of the top SEM tools we’ve used, hands down. We really enjoyed the comfort of knowing that the keywords we were using came back accurate, and as noted, we found it very easy to incorporate them into our digital marketing strategy.

  • Economical

Even better, this top-quality reliability came at a price that didn’t stretch our company’s budget. In fact, SEMrush’s starting price of $69.95 makes it virtually perfect for businesses of any size—even those that are just starting out.

What’s more, we found this a nearly unbeatable price to pay for the value we received. By having fast access to reliable keywords, we were able to revamp our online strategy to start seeing real results.

Remember when we said that the right SEM tool allows you to take more money in than you’re spending out? You can expect just that with SEMrush.

In other words, the cost of the program should be totally covered by the extra revenue your new online marketing strategy will bring you. Now granted, you should not expect miracle results overnight. With that in mind, however, we found that consistent use of SEMrush more than paid for the service.

And as we’ll see later, this value got even higher considering just the vast number of services provided by SEMrush.

  • User-Friendly

SEMrush’s unique interface makes it incredibly easy to start sorting through powerful digital marketing data.

It’s keyword search, for example, generates an easy-to-read chart of information that helps you choose the right words for your strategy.

Consider this example:

Let’s say that you own a plus-sized clothing company that specifically focuses on young adult women. With SEMrush’s keyword search, you can search any phrase related to your business—i.e. “best plus-sized clothes for young adults—to view a list of relevant keywords.

Even better, however, SEMrush provides a detailed look at each keyword and even rates them based on their difficulty. This will allow you to select keywords that have a higher chance of getting you ranked on the first page of Google and other search engines.

We found this keyword search to be extremely effective in helping us manage our online campaign. By knowing which key phrases to use—and which to avoid—we were able to start seeing better and more sustained growth.

Overall, we found SEMrush’s interface to be pretty straight-forward and easy to read, making it great even for those who aren’t terribly techno-savvy. Because we didn’t have to jump through any complicated hoops to understand the information we were seeing, SEMrush streamlined our SEM strategizing process—and we’re sure it can for you, too.

With that in mind, remember that your SEM tool needs to be feature rich—and SEMrush certainly fits this bill. Let’s take a closer look at many of the powerful features of this program and at how they can help grow your business.

How Can SEMrush Help You Grow Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Because SEMrush gives you an in-depth look at the marketing techniques and strategies of your competition, it can play a valuable role in shaping your online marketing strategy. With this tool, you’ll gain insights into what’s working in the market, and you can implement proven-effective strategies for your own product or business.

What’s more, this feature-rich service contains many tools that will help you succeed. Let’s take a look at a few features SEMrush offers and examine how they can help you grow your online marketing strategy:

  • Keyword Research

SEMrush’s comprehensive keyword research tool gives you access to millions of keywords so that you can optimize your online marketing strategy. This feature is perfect for businesses looking for the perfect SEO or PPC campaign!

Furthermore, the keyword research tool gives you access to related keywords and phrase matches that can be used to build on your current marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for a complete SEO or PPC overhaul or wish to make minor keyword changes to your current online marketing campaign, SEMrush’s keyword research tool can be used to give your business that boost it needs to stay competitive.


Keyword Research SEM Rush

  • Advertising Research

Have you ever wanted to know your competitor’s marketing budget? With SEMrush’s advertising research tool, you will be able to view in-depth information concerning your competitors’ ad strategies and overall budget. This valuable tool will let you know exactly what’s working for the competition—and what isn’t.

With advertising research, you will be able to optimize your business’s online marketing strategy the right way. By looking at your competitions’ keywords and advertisements, you can gain that critical competitive edge and better tailor your ad campaign to your desired market.

Advertising Research Tool

  • My Reports

One of the things we like best about SEMrush is that it allows you to collect all your necessary data into one report. This gives you quick and efficient access to all the information you need—streamlining your online marketing and helping you reduce inefficiencies.

What’s more, SEMrush allows you to schedule the release of your reports so that they can be automatically sent to chosen parties. With a manual share option as well, it’s never been easier to share and interpret important data.

My Reports SEM Rush

  • Site Audit

Want to boost your site’s health? SEMrush allows you to do just that. We took an in-depth look at the service’s site audit feature, and this is what we found:

For starters, the tool allows users to track SEO issues and analyze the overall health of their websites. When issues are detected, users will receive detailed reports on existing issues that can then be addressed to improve site optimization.

What’s more, users can use the site audit feature to perform HTTPS checks that monitor site security. With SEMrush, you can use this tool to identify and fix any issues that may be bugging your site.

In short, the site audit feature is a great feature for users interested in boosting site performance and SEO optimization issues that may be holding back business.


  • Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush calls their primary keyword tool the “keyword magic tool,” and for good reason. Simply put, this feature gives businesses access to over two million keyword ideas that can be used to boost SEO and PPC optimization.

Having trouble finding which keywords are best for you? This tool allows you to sort them by category so that you can optimize within your niche. What’s more, with an analysis feature, you can view detailed reports on which keywords perform the best.

As if this weren’t enough, you can save, export, and list out target keywords to help you get your online marketing strategy just right.

SEM Rush Keyword Magic Tool

  • Social Media Poster

Need to post to social media? This tool can help! We like SEMrush because it makes social media marketing much easier. Businesses can use the service to schedule upcoming posts to Facebook and Twitter, streamlining your marketing strategy.

Perhaps more importantly, the tool lets you analyze data pertaining to your social media content. By viewing what’s working and what’s not, you’ll be able to optimize your social media strategy and generate better content that leads to more bites.

SEM Rush Social Media Poster

  • On Page SEO Checker

SEMrush allows businesses access to in-depth ranking analyses that can be used to boost site performance. Furthermore, the feature gives you a look at the top ten performers on Google.

Perhaps the best part of the service’s on page SEO checker is that it interprets the data in real-time to give businesses valuable recommendations. This gives businesses the chance to correct issues in their current SEO strategies.

On-Page SEO Tool SEM Rush

  • Brand Monitoring

Curious about the state of your brand? SEMrush tracks and compiles your brand’s reputation so that you can see how customers are reacting your current marketing campaigns. Businesses can also use this tool to see how they stack up to the competition.

We found the feature to be helpful at identifying brand weaknesses and allowing for tweaks where necessary. Specifically, the tool allowed us to view areas where we could make actionable changes that boosted SEO performance.

For businesses seeking to grow their brands, the brand monitoring tool is a great way to track brand reputation in real time. By comparing your brand’s reputation with that of the competition, you’ll be able to improve brand strength and set your business up for future opportunities.

Brand Monitoring SEM Rush Tool

  • Domain Comparison

SEMrush does more than track your general online marketing performance. In fact, businesses can use this tool to see side-by-side comparisons of competitors. In this way, you can find out what sets the competition apart and make effective tweaks to your own marketing campaign.

We like this tool because it gives you a detailed breakdown of all common and unique keywords between two websites. Businesses can use this data to gain competitive ground and capitalize on the success of rivals.

Perhaps the best part about this feature, however, is its presentation. With visual reports and easy-to-understand displays, we never struggled to make sense of complex charts or analyses. Instead, we got the information we needed quickly and were able to make effective changes to our SEO strategy fast.

  • PPC Keyword Tool

Part of what sets SEMrush apart is its versatility. Unlike other online marketing services, SEMrush contains a PPC keyword tool that allows you to explore thousands of keywords and manage them in neat lists.

We found the PPC keyword tool excellent at revamping our PPC strategy. Specifically, the tool allowed us to remove several keywords that simply weren’t working and replace them with recommended keywords that improved site traffic.

  • Display Advertising

One last feature we’d like to talk about is SEMrush’s display advertising. This innovative tool allows businesses to analyze display ads straight from the rival competition. You can also compare competitor ads with those of top publishers and advertisers in the market.

This, in turn, can help businesses manage their own display advertisements—just like it did for us. We used the feature to tweak our advertising to more closely resemble effective campaigns by top publishers and also identify new publishers in the market.

Display Advertising Tool SEM Rush


Final Thoughts

So how does SEMrush stack up overall?

We found that the service checks all the boxes that a good online marketing tool should: reliability, economical, user-friendly, and feature-rich. In all areas of functionality and usability, the service excels at providing users with an online marketing tool that actually works.

Specifically, we fell in love with the variety of features the service offers. From the keyword magic tool that allows for users to search over two million keywords and truly optimize their online marketing campaigns to the social media poster that automates social media posting for greatest content optimization, this is one service that delivers bang for its buck.

Overall, we would recommend SEMrush to anyone looking to grow their online marketing. In fact, we’ve yet to find a marketing tool that provides results as quickly—and as effectively—as this one. An investment in SEMrush could reinvigorate your site and provide you with the tools you need to close the gap between the competition—and even pass them.

The best part? With a starting price of just $69.95, SEMrush is a tool that anyone can afford. With tons of money-saving features, SEMrush is more than guaranteed to pay back your initial investment. You can use this tool to set your site up for long-term growth.

Here’s the long story short: if you’re in need of a valuable online marketing tool that can boost your business and propel you above the competition, it’s time to invest in SEMrush. This highly-effective tool worked for us and exceeded our expectations in just about every way imaginable—and we’re confident that it will work for you, too.

If you haven’t already checked out SEMrush, it’s time to take a visit to their website so you can find out how to get this quality tool for yourself!

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